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No suitable options? Try our «INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM» on special terms
No suitable options? Try our «INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM» on special terms
About 50% of people are overweight and 20% out of them have obesity
On average working people don’t get enough sleep 3 out of 5 days
Approximately 69% of working people are constantly stressed
In spite of these terrifying statistics the majority of people do nothing to solve the problem. Even if measures are taken they are not effective.
Regular checkups and preventive health care:
Improve the quality of life. You always know the condition of your body.
Contribute to the advancement of mental condition because the balance of trace elements is the way to mental health.
Help to reach new career heights as your brain works 100%
Help to get a lot of compliments about your appearance because vitamins improve the condition of your skin, nails and hair.
Purchasing one of our products you
Get a 12-week strategy and a detailed meal plan
Get long-term results
Care about yourself and achieve well-being
Purchasing one of our products you
Get a 12-week strategy and a detailed meal plan
Get long-term results
Care about yourself and achieve well-being
About Our Services:

You apply online at our website. Our expert will contact you shortly to discuss all details.

We will schedule an appointment with a nurse at your home. An appointment with a nurse is included in the price of the program*

* If you are outside the Moscow Automobile Ring Road, tell our expert about it. The cost of the service is calculated individually

A consultation with a nutritionist. Our expert will interpret blood test results and provide recommendations.

After a consultation you get a strategy on nutrition, vitamins and a lifestyle.

We ensure you supportive and efficient consultation by an expert.
We maintain a three-stage selection of experts. We encourage the members of our team to enhance their knowledge due to best foreign research in Biotechnology.
Anna, our leading premium expert. She has got a medical degree and a seventeen years’ experience
NATALIA GONCHAROVA — The founder of European Nutritiology Center. Practicing nutritionist. She worked for a pharmaceutical company and supervised research programs for enhancing the effectiveness of functional nutrition for Olympic athletes.
About the Founder
The expert of:
A graduate of business school:
What They Say about Us:
TV host
Me and my family decided to use ENC services, as it appeared very convenient. One program includes the following: a nurse comes to your home, takes blood samples, then they are tested in a lab and then experts interpret the results. You have an online consultation with a nutritionist and during an hour you can ask questions and get recommendations. The nutritionist then sends their recommendations via email. So, it’s cool and I think it’s very convenient. It’s beneficial as it’s cheaper than having a consultation with a nutritionist and blood testing separately.
Art- consultant
My close friend recommended this company. I had my first consultation there after delivery. I had a check-up. I had a consultation with a their expert and a year later I did this once more. I had blood tests for trace elements and according to them I got recommendations on vitamins.
Despite the fact that I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for 2 years, doctors couldn’t find the reason for my leukocytopenia and my white blood count was 2.45 which is within. It’s a very low range. With ENC I got my nutrition plan adjusted and I had an expanded blood test. According to it I got recommendations on vitamins and supplements, which regulate haematopoiesis and immune system. My blood indicators were OK in 6 months.
Beauty salon administrator
I had COVID-19. I had a weakness, shortness of breath, and I couldn't sleep well. My friend recommended ENC. I had all necessary tests and I got the recommendations on the lifestyle that suited me. I took vitamins. My health improved.
I am a mother of a large family and I work. I had chronic fatigue and a bad mood. I went to a psychologist, as I thought that it was a psychological problem. But I didn’t feel better and I was still tired. I came to ENC and they found out that I had problems with the digestive tract and happiness hormones didn’t release enough. Serotonin is formed in the gut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the program suit me, if I have a chronic disease?
Sure! You should tell your personal manager about this. It may be important to make an individual program for you.
What is the price for an appointment with a nurse at my home?
To know the price you should tell your address to your manager. It is usually 6000 ₽.
Where does the consultation take place?
We care about our clients’ comfort, so the consultation can be given via Zoom, Watsapp, Telegram, etc.
Do you still have questions?
By clicking the «Contact Us Now option» you confirm that you have read the privacy statement and the offer and agree to the processing your personal data.
ENC LLC is not a medical organization and does not provide medical services.

ENC LLC recommendations are not obligatory but they are advisory. Consult your doctor if possible.

Services on taking samples and laboratory search are provided by an ENC partner, a medically licenced company..